An Overview

Intraoperative monitoring has become the standard of care during many orthopedic, neurological and vascular surgical procedures. Unlike other techniques such as x-rays, fluoroscope or ultrasound, which only give pictures of anatomical structures, "NEURO DATA" utilizes IOM to provide real time information to the surgical team regarding the functional integrity of the nervous system and related structures.
Intraoperative monitoring is valuable to the surgical team in that it requires no active patient involvement; it delivers reliable, stable information directly to the surgeon, and is sensitive enough to detect even the smallest changes in the integrity of the central and peripheral nervous system.

Efficacy - Why do YOU need us

With 20 years in the electroneurodiagnostic field, NEURO DATA will provide you with an objective way to detect and quantify, moment by moment, changes in the status of the recorded data, early enough to take preventative action to avoid permanent mechanical injury and restore normal function. You ask, "How is this accomplished?" Changes are manifested in several ways, changes in morphology, amplitude, and frequency of signals or a combination. Our team will work with you to achieve the best possible outcome to benefit your patient.

Remote Monitoring

While NEURO DATA technologists are obtaining critical data throughout the surgical procedure, our senior staff or physician is able to view and interpret the significance of the responses and provide instant and accurate feedback to the surgeon.


All NEURO DATA technicians are members in good standing of ASET (American Society of Electroneurodiagnostic Technologists) and have CNIM or "in process" CNIM certification. Their background is in all of the various Intraoperative modalities frequently used in IOM, insuring multi-modality competency. All up to date credentials are available to your institution upon request.


Today it is important that your patients have this vital service, yet with the cost of medical care, may be concerned about how they will be able to afford these services. Our multiple board certified physicians understand their concerns. We are participating in many of the insurance plans in your area and will bill insurance companies directly on their behalf; all they will be responsible for are the legal co-payments and/or deductibles. There is never any cost to the surgeon or the hospital for the ability to offer this service to your patients. we are HIPAA compliant and offer our services to your patients with dignity and respect.

Why do we stand out?
Highly trained &
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